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Stefan Alexxis
Good Times &
Great Thoughts

“Our event was a huge success because of you!”

“You were one of our most popular attractions.”


“What you do, it's really something else!”
“My mind is officially blown.”

“It's always a pleasure to work with you.”

There's a place where communication skills, psychology, metaphysical theory and good old fashioned theater all meet. That place is called “Psychic Entertainment,” and it's where I live. It's easy to visit — I'll bring it right to you for a great party, a memorable reception, or a fun-filled evening of fundraising.

Here, your approach to life is reflected in the lines on your hands, the thoughts of friends and strangers alike mesh in delightful ways, and your own intuitive skills blossom.

Here, you're assured of a good time and an event that people will talk about for years!
Three Ways to Enjoy
I offer three primary entertainment services:
  • Palm and Numerology Fun Readings for parties and special events.
  • Home Psychic Parties ranging form an eventing of intuition enhancement, to parties where you'll learn fundamental palmistry or numerology to parties where you'll invoke the fun of a seance.
  • Zero Financial Risk Fundraising Shows for schools, churches, civic groups and other worthy causes.
Browse about to learn more. And don't hesitate to write me with any questions.

Stefan Alexxis Entertainment * * 1903 Southwood Dr., Champaign, IL 61821 * 217-377-0918

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