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Stefan Alexxis

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When did you first know you had these powers?
There are two answers to that question: “I don't think I have any powers,” and “sophomore year of college.”

Care to explain the contradiction there?
Certainly. Nothing indicates I have any direct paranormal abilities. I've been tested for ESP of various sorts and have always emerged with average results. These have been informal tests without strict scientific controls, so even with every opportunity for researcher bias to work in my favor, I've still been unable to perform better than the law of averages predicts.

On the other hand, I noticed one rather strange phenomenon for the first time while in college. A friend and I were both experimenting with tarot reading, but neither one of us were delivering better results than you could achieve with one of those Magic Eightball toys. Until, that is, we did a reading together. When she spread the cards and I did the interpreting, our results were suddenly accurate. Very accurate. Freak-out scary accurate! Since then, I've noted that people who may already possess latent intuitive skills often perform better with my help.

So are you psychic or not?
On my own, I don't believe so. But if I do have any psychic skill, it's the ability to facilitate and amplify the talents of others.

Wait a minute. In an earlier version of your web site, and in some interviews, you talked about a “radar sense” you had as a child. What about that?
Wow! You have a great memory! But to understand what I called “radar sense” in my childhood, you must first understand something my mother said to me when I was a boy. She said, “Steve, it's almost dinner time. Go find your brother.”

Depending on the year and season in question, my brother might have been at any of five or so friends houses and three or four outside play areas. I would stand outside, try to tune into my brother's vibes, and head off to bring him home. Most of the time, I would get him on my first or second try.

Thinking back, I suspect that most days I picked up subtle clues from who I'd seen my brother with, subconsciously-overheard phrases, items he or the others were carrying, etc. Those clues allowed me to intuitively judge where he was most likely to be.

There were other endeavors in which my “radar sense” allowed me better than average foresight. When I consider them today, I wonder how much was due to an early-developed ability to process subconsciously noted clues, and how much came from my picking up on the psychic vibes others.

What's that symbol behind your name in your logo?
It's a form of the Triskelion, an ancient insignia that appears in many cultures. It symbolizes, among other things, the three-way union of Mind, Body and Spirit. In my logo, the Triskelion gradually solidifies from the bottom to the top, representing the interplay of those three elements arising from the subconscious. That, I believe, is the key to how much of intuition — and thus much of what I do — works.

Can you talk to dead people?

What do they say to you?
Nothing yet. They've never answered.