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Lots of laughter, lots of wonder

You'll boggle your own mind when Steve leads you and your guests through a variety of psychic stunts and games. Some are amusements, purely for fun. Others will teach you useful techniques that will help you tap into your own intuition.

Is there really a simple psychic technique you can use to find your misplaced car keys? As a matter of fact, yes! You'll get the psychic tool you need as part of the party and learn how to use it. Can you also use it to pick the most profitable investments? Mmmmmm, very possibly. Many have.

You will feel psychic! (Perhaps you are!)

This party, you see, is about you and your guests. It’s about the surprising things you can do when you harness your own subconscious power (perhaps with a little bit of help). Some of it is useful. Some of it is just for giggles. But it’s all amazing and all at your own mental fingertips.

After the presentation, stunts and games, every guest gets their own brief reading. Usually, the choices are Palm Reading or Numerology, but other systems are also available to suit special needs

Click on the Email Me link to find out if a date is available or to send any questions. Reserve your party today for the best chance at getting the date you want.

Host or Hostess free
5 to 9 guests, $25 per person
10+ guests, $20 per person