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Theatrical Seance

This event is designed to take place during the early part of a party. It may begin as soon as all guests have arrived or it can wait until some light refreshments have been served. It can also be an after-dinner event. You will want to allow for at least a couple hours afterwards if you want private readings to follow.

Although the Theatrical Seance is not a children's event, many teens and preteens will enjoy it, and they are welcome to join in as long as there is plenty of adult participation and supervision. It is probably not well suited to children under the age of ten, for those who get too nervous in a darkened (not blackened) room, or those who become fidgety if they have to stay still for more than a couple minutes. 

This is theater and care needs to be taken to protect the ambience in order for you to have an enjoyable show. Please be sure that there will be no interuptions by young children or pets. Telephone ringers should be turned off for the approximately 20 minutes of the interactive presentation.

We will need a room that meets the following criteria:
  • Has a small table available
  • Can comfortably hold all your guests 
  • Can be made reasonably dark so that almost all the light in the room is that which comes from a small low-powered lamp or candle.

Gentle Seance

This event is designed to take place at the beginning of the evening. Steve will be there early to meet guests with you as they arrive. After a brief period of introductions, he will explain the seance to the group, gather everyone around the seance table, and begin. Light beverages and finger foods are perfectly appropriate for the pre-seance period.

The success of any serious seance depends absolutely on the ability to acheive and maintain the proper atmosphere. Therefore, everything recommended for the Theatrical Seance becomes critical in a seance like this one, which is far more than merely entertainment. If you and your guests are to derive value from the experience, please make these necessary arrangements.

  • Have a table large enough, and chairs enough, to accomodate all guests comfortably.
  • Plan to serve light refreshments and beverages after the seance. The after-seance discussion and social time is essential to the experience.
  • If you wish to serve alcoholic beverages, please save that for after the seance.
  • Assure that the room can be darkened to very dim light. Complete darkness is not needed.
  • Assure that any children or pets will not interupt. 
  • Make certain that this seance is appropriate for all participants This event is intended for mature participants who wish to commune with loved ones who have passed away. It is not suited for anyone younger than mid-teens. Although not spooky in any way, it requires the ability to participate seriously and sit quietly for several minutes at a time.
  • Assure that there will be no interruptions by visitors or telephone. Any telephone in the seance room, or adjoining rooms, should have their ringers turned off for the duration. Any cell phones in the room should be turned off. Steve will bring signs for the doors requesting that no one ring the bell or knock on the door.
  • Because dealing with financial matters can dampen the uplifting mood following the seance, payment for facilitating the event should be made by the start of the evening.