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Stefan Alexxis

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About Steve

STEFAN ALEXXIS HAS BEEN FASCINATED WITH PSYCHIC MATTERS all his life. One of his earliest high school science projects was a study on telekenesis, the power to affect objects with the mind. While he produced no breakthroughs at age 16, Steve still recalls his French teacher's high rate of success at apparently influencing the roll of dice. As Steve put it, “He was a lot more successful at making the die fall on any number called for than he was at getting me to learn French.” In hindsight, this may have been the first major instance in which Steve's whatever-it-is enhanced the latent psychic ability of another.

Something similar happened in college when a couple of his friends were experimenting with seances and what is now commonly called channeling. Their success was mixed, but always seemed to be more dramatic when Steve was in attendance. He didn't start putting it together, though, until the next year when both he and the young woman who had been doing the channeling were trying to learn tarot reading. It was only when they did a reading jointly that they achieved anything above average. That forecast proved so accurate in even its most improbable predictions that it freaked him out to the point where, for years, Steve would use his tarot deck only to play a fiendishly difficult version of Solitaire.

For some time after, Steve kept his psychic interests at arms length, reading and studying but not practicing. He first pursued an academic career in Religious Studies, where he specialized in world religions and ethics. That came to an abrupt end during graduate school when a stint as a writer/performer for a Hollywood, California, radio comedy program veered him into a media career. He spent several years as a top-rated entertainment radio personality in Idaho and Georgia before concentrating on work as a writer.

When some surgery and the ensuing recovery period handed him a surplus of leisure time, Steve discovered the field of Psychic Entertainment. Here, he realized, was an area that combined all the major interests of his life. He was soon combining the skills he had honed in a lifetime of communications expertise with his psychic interests, years of spirituality-based studies, and performing talents to create amazing, amusing and enlightening additions to professional presentations on communication, marketing and advertising. Furthermore, maturity had now honed his intuitive abilities to the point where he could perform proficient readings using systems that didn't rely on raw psychic power.

While Steve claims not to have any unusual psychic talents of his own, he says that he's not at all convinced that you don't. His approach to both psychic stunts and readings focus on drawing out the abilities and insights locked in his audience's intuition.