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The No Risk, No Cost, Fundraiser Show
With no up-front cost and no risk to your organization, this night of family fun is a no-brainer

Yes, it really is a totally risk-free way to raise money for your service club, school, church, charity, not-for-profit organization, or any worthy cause.

Picture this: A fun-filled evening of top-quality, family-oriented professional entertainment. Your audience laughs, applauds, talks about the event for weeks to come. Ticket sales put significant dollars into your treasury.

And it won't cost your organization a single dime!
There's not one nickel of up-front costs; not a penny of your group's funds are at risk. You can make as much money as you like, but you can't lose a cent. And you're assured of a good time at zero cost to your group.

And we do mean zero cost because we give you everything you need to succeed. You get all of this, up front and no charge:

  • Tickets customized with your organization's name and show information
  • Posters to promote the show
  • Press releases for area media
  • Additional promotional tickets, if necessary, that radio stations can give away as contest prizes to promote your show
  • And a complete guide book that walks you through the entire process, from getting publicity to selling tickets to preparing the stage to taking your profits

Steve will even be available to newspapers and radio stations for interviews.

We make everything as simple as possible so that you can concentrate on making it a night of successful fund raising — and FUN raising!

All you provide is a place for the show and the effort to promote it (the guide book will show you how).

How is this deal possible?
Simple. We take a percentage of the ticket sales as our fee. It's a sliding percentage, so the bigger your audience, the bigger your share — up to 60%. 

Deposit required: None
Total financial risk: None
Catches: None

There are a few simple terms to keep things fair, though
  • You can set any ticket prices you think appropriate, with a minimum price of $6. 
  • Minimum audience size is only 50 if you're within a 3 hour drive of Champaign, Illinois. Beyond that, minimum audience size is 100 (though we can be flexible if you talk to us about it). Audience participation is an important part of the show, so we need enough people on hand to assure you of a worthwhile performance (and we need to have enough people to pay for the gas out there). Steve will adapt if necessary to give you the show best suited to the audience size and venue.
  • You can sell refreshments or any other items and funds from those sales are 100% yours. Likewise, we reserve the right to sell our own merchandise. Funds from those sales are all ours.
  • Our share of the ticket sales isn't due until the end of the evening, so you have all your money in hand before you pay us a dime.

As for the show itself . . .
It's laugh-evoking, thought-provoking, and empowering. It shows you just how it feels to be a mind-reader yourself as we play with the amazing, fun and funny things that happen when our minds connect.

Steve uses all the skills he's honed in his quarter-century as an expert entertainer and communicator to leave you laughing, thinking, and feeling good. You can count on a show your members and guests will be talking about for a long time to come.

Click on the Email Me link to the left to request an information package, discuss an event, reserve a date, or to ask any questions. Reserve now for the best chances of getting the date you desire.