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Home  Psychic Parties are perfect for:

 * Girls Nights

 * Birthdays
 * Couples Get-Togethers
 * Anniversaries
 * Graduations
 * Office Parties
 * Any Special Event
 * Whenever you want
    something fun

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A Stefan Alexxis home psychic party can be many things, all of them fun!

Memorable and Fun * Amazing and Fun * Inexpensive and Fun * Thrilling and Fun * Hilarious and Fun * Exciting and Fun  * Enlightening and Fun * Maybe even a Lifetime of Fun

Which evening sounds like the most fun to you?
  1. A night of psychic games and stunts, including enjoyable exercises to help you get better in touch with your own intuition.
  2. A theatrical reach across the medium's table into the spirit world.
  3. A laughter-filled evening of learning how to read palms.
  4. An enjoyable hour discovering how to analyze your life and your friends' lives with numerology.
  5. A non-spooky but uplifting seance.
You have your choice of five different home psychic parties with something very important in common:

You and your guests will have a great time and be talking about it for days and months and years to come.

For some it will be a terrific evening of entertainment. Others, perhaps yourself, will come away with insights and skills that will improve the rest of your life.

And the cost is less than you'd spend on dinner and a movie! In fact, for you, it's FREE!

Well, perhaps you should spring for some snacks and beverages. Or dessert and coffee. But other than that, there's no charge for the person who books the party. There's a small fee for everyone else for the entertainment and a reading after (palmistry or numerology).

For most parties, the cost is just $25 per person for 6-9 guests, $20 for 10-12 guests. I don't recommend more than that -- remember, there needs to be enough time for everybody to get their individual reading.

Parties are usually held on the “Tupperware model,” where each guest brings their fee. But some hosts would rather pay for everyone themselves. That's perfectly fine as well. Either way, payment is due at the start of the party, and then we can concentrate on having fun.

Just click on one of the party names below for more details.