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Psychic Social

Palmistry Party

Have you ever wondered what palm readers see in your hand?
Have you ever wished you could see the same? How about in your friends’ hands? Or the hand of somebody you've just met and are trying to size up? Well you can! After hosting a Stefan Alexxis Palmistry Party, you'll know enough to give anyone a five to ten minute fun reading — the same type of reading that Steve gives for his clients at parties and special events.

And at the end, we put it all together for everyone when each guest gets a private palm reading from Steve.

You'll be amazed at how much you'll know with a glance!

Are they emotionally expressive or stoic? Rule-bound or ethically flexible? Is their thought process pragmatic or imaginative? Is their attention span long or short? Is their heart and mind in accord or in conflict? And much more.

And the fun goes on forever!

You’ll have a great evening with you and your friends laughing and comparing hands. But the fun doesn’t end when the party is over, because you'll be able to do quick readings for anyone, anywhere, anytime. Don't worry about having to memorize everything. Most of what you learn is simple to remember. Plus, you'll get materials to keep and review whenever you like.

You'll have a great time finding out the meaning of each finger,  plus how to find and read all the major lines of the hand:

  • The life line
  • The head line
  • The heart line
  • The fate line
No promises, but during your individual reading you just might learn something  little extra.

Oh, by the way, that business about the life line telling you how long you'll live? Forget that right now. It's not true.

Once in a while somebody fears that I'll see something horrible when I look at their palm. It doesn’t work that way. Not at all. Your palm shows your style of thinking and feeling and living. And we're going to focus on the fun side of that. Hey. it’s a party!

Host or Hostess free
5 to 9 guests, $25 per person
10+ guests, $20 per person

Numerology Party

Picture a roomful of friends totaling up numbers... and giggling with delight! Has math ever been fun before? Well, there’s not really much math here, actually. Just a little simple addition. But this time, the numbers that come out are loaded with meaning. And discovering it is a blast!

This is Numerology, a system of divination that can be traced back to ancient China. For thousands of years it’s guided people to get the most out of their lives. Now you can learn how it can do the same for you, all while having a great time with your friends.

What is the purpose of your life?

We all have an overarching theme to our lives — one skill we are here to learn, develop or perfect above all others. You'll learn what yours is, and how to discover others’.

You'll also discover how to get the most out of every day when you know how to figure out which the energies are strongest for you at any time. When can you best get up a great head of steam on a project, and when will trying to push it along only be wasted effort? When are the best times for buying or selling? When are you most likely to be in accord with your spouse, and when are your energies running at cross purposes? These are all things you can learn from simply adding up a few numbers — if you know what the numbers mean.

The party may end, but the fun doesn’t!

You'll have a great time as you discover when you’ll get the most benefit from:
  • Starting new projects
  • Building relationships
  • Creative expression
  • Putting your “nose to the grindstone”
  • Change and variety
  • Enhancing your home and family events
  • Spiritual development and self-reflection
  • Business and financial efforts
  • Humanitarian endeavors
And then we'll bring it all together for you during your individual reading.

Host or Hostess free
to 8 guests, $25 per person
10+ guests, $20 per person