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A look at yourself and your future
For entertainment...or self-discovery

  • Want to know what makes you special?
  • Want to entertain your guests with what makes them special?
  • Want to hear about the purpose of your life?
  • Want to know about your career or your love life?
  • Want to know if somebody is truly as compatible with you as they seem?
  • Want to know if this is the time to charge forward or just go with the flow? 

Examine the energies that permeate your being and influence your life. For some, it's an important way to tap into universal wisdom. For others, it's just fun. Steve will tell you what turns up. You decide how to take it, and how to use it. 

Understand, though, that the future is not decreed, but created. It is forged each moment, decision by decision. The wise do not use readings to foresee what “must” be. The wise use readings to better understand themselves, and to guide them in building the future they desire.

Steve offers four types of readings:

Entertainment Readings
Short, upbeat and fun, these are perfect entertainment for any gathering, from a birthday party to a corporate reception. They make for excellent ice-breakers and never fail to provide a good time. After all, who doesn't enjoy hearing about themselves? To inquire about or reserve a date for party entertainment readings, click on the "Email Me" link.

Party readings: $200 for the first hour, $100 each additional hour

In-Person Sittings
The most flexible option for serious self-exploration and examination of personal issues. Relax, perhaps with a cup of coffee, and explore whatever areas you wish to look at, using whatever divinitory techniques seem most appropriate. 15, 30, and 55-minute sessions are available. You can also arange your "in person" time to be by telephone if you prefer. To schedule an in-person or telephone reading, click on the "Email Me" link.

15-minute reading: $25
30-minute reading: $45
55-minute reading: $75

Email Readings
No place is too far away. All Steve needs is your birthdate and full name as it appears on your birth certificate, or a good quality scan of your dominant hand. Just let him know what issue you wish to look into. To order an email reading, use the form below.

Email reading: $75

How do you want to receive your report?

Compatibility Analysis for Couples
Far too many relationships have succumbed to unexpected compatibility problems. What's most tragic is that many of them might not have failed if those involved had been prepared for the issues rather than being taken by surprise. For details on a compatibility analysis report, click here. To order one now, use the form below.

Compatibility Analysis Report: $50

How do you want to receive your report?

Oracles Used
In a party/entertainment environment, we've found palm reading to be the most popular with guests, People love learning about the lines on their hands and what they indicate about their lives and talents. For deeper self-exploration, Steve's primary system is Chinese Numerology, an ancient Chinese divinatory technique fused with the teachings of Pythagoras's Mystery School. It scrutinizes the forces that surround you with an eye towards helping you find the underlying purpose of your life, and understanding how to focus your efforts for the greatest rewards. Steve may combine these systems, along with card reading, pendulums, or other approaches as appropriate to evoke and interpret information from your own spiritual subconscious or simply to maximize the fun.